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About the prize

The Greenback Letters essay competition has been running since 1985, and was established to promote clear, confident writing in the areas of public administration and economic policy. It aims to encourage long-term strategic thinking about the United States economic policy.

Previous Winners

2003 - Guy McConnell, Marketing the United States Abroad
2001 - Jeffrey Muriel, The China Question
1999 - Kimberley Mills, The Alarm Bells of Freedom
1997 - Martin Fitzgerald, It's the Middle East, Stupid
1995 - Edward McGuire, Ready, Set, Soar
1993 - Amanda Bundchen, The Way Back for US Hegemony
1991 - Stephen Marsh, Berlin Rising
1989 - (Not awarded)
1987 - Ahmed Al-Ansari, Oil's Well
1985 - E. Simon Woolley, Prospects of American Power


Nominations are selected by a panel of economists and public intellectuals, and the winner receives a scholarship of $40,000. (Note: this website is not directly associated with the Greenback Letters essay competition, nor the members of its nominations panel.)

How do I find these essays?

Permissions are being sought to host the essays on this website. Stay tuned!

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